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    Garstang Ukulele Group April 2018

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  • Garstang Ukulele Group

    Garstang Ukulele Group

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Ukulele buying advice

There are 4 main types of ukulele – soprano; concert; tenor and baritone. Most people start with a soprano which can cost as little as £25. At this price they usually sound much the same so it is safe to buy online, but check the reviews to make sure it will stay in tune.

But going this cheap may be a false economy as you will probably want to upgrade within a few months. It is better to spend a bit more, about £40-50, and get something like a Makala Dolphin. That way it may be a year before you are looking to upgrade – remember there’s no such thing as owning just one ukulele.

Concerts are a bit larger than a soprano and people with larger fingers may find that useful. The starting price is about £45, but you can go up to more than a thousand. It is worth visiting a music shop to hear and feel the instruments before choosing which to buy as you’ll probably find one you really love. Tenors are a bit larger again and have a slightly lower tone. Prices here will start at around £70.

If you are buying for someone who already plays the guitar, it may be worth considering a baritone ukulele. All other ukuleles, sopranos, concerts and tenors are tuned to GCEA whereas the baritone is tuned DGBE, the same as the top 4 strings of a guitar. This means the chord shapes are the same, making it easier to change instruments. As the name suggests it also has a lower tone and as with the tenors, their prices start at about £70.

While your loved ones will be thrilled to receive their first ukulele, they will be delighted if you also buy them a tuner. These are widely available for about £10.

There are some other variations you will come across when looking at ukuleles. While most ukuleles are acoustic, some have pickups fitted so they can be played through an amplifier which is ideal if you wish to perform as a soloist or in a small group. There are also solid body ukuleles that have to be played through an amplifier. Another variation is the banjolele, a ukulele with a banjo resonator and made famous by George Formby.

And finally, how are they going to learn? There are some great online materials and we have some good links to get them started on the Resources page of this website including electronic versions of our eight songbooks containing about 450 songs.

And you can come and join us at the Garstang Arts Centre. We’re there every Sunday from 2-4 pm.

Garstang Ukulele Group's Gig List


January 18: Gt Eccleston WI, 8.30

January 19: Longridge & Dist NFU, Ferraris 9.00-11.00

January 24: Cheshire Home, 3.00

February 2: Cockerham Charity Beer Fest, 7.45-8.30

February 15: Sandbriggs, 2.00

February 20: Galloway’s, St Helen’s church hall, Churchtown, 2.00

February 23: Art's Centre cafe, 10.00-12.30

March 1: Torrisholme Rambling Club, Jubilee Hall, Torrisholme, evening

March 12: Goosnargh & Whittingham WI, Goosnargh Village Hall, 8.30-9.30

March 26: Longridge & District Lady Farmer's, Ferrari's Restaurant, tbc.

March 29: Regional WI party, Forton Village Hall, 7.45-8.30

April 29: Wesley's Cafe, 7.00

May 1: over 60s Friendship Group, Garstang Cricket Club (Stalag 11) 10.00

May 14: Lunch Club, Gt Eccleston Free Methodist church hall, 11.00-12.00

May 18: Bleasedale Tower open garden, 12.00-3.00

June 5: Elswick WI, Elswick Village Hall, 7.30-8.40

June 8: Art's Centre cafe, 10.00-12.30

June 26: Galloway’s, St Helen’s church hall, Churchtown, 2.00

July 6: Garstang Scarecrow Festival, Cherestanc Square, 12.30

July 21: Garstang Ice Cream Festival

November 23: Art's Centre cafe, 10.00-12.30

November 27 Cherestanc WI, St Thomas's Hall, 7.30

December 6: Garstang 3Ls, 2.00

December 9: Victorian Festival, 6.00-9.00

December 10:  Parkinson's Disease Society, 7.00

December 11: Grimsargh & District WI, 7.30

Strumalongs and Open Mic Events

Monthly Events:

1st Thursday, 8 pm. Tap 'n' Barrel, Wigan. Open mic hosted by Chonkinfeckle.

1st Friday, 7 pm. Ruskin's Bar, Kendal. Strumalong hosted by Bryce Street Strummers.

1st Sunday, 6-8 pm. Guild Ale House, Preston. Strumalong hosted by Preston Ukulele Strummers Society.

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